Friday, May 21, 2010

Why didn't you list that among our assets?

In order to make the project schedule, I needed to figure out how many things had to be created, and how long each would take. And of course, the script was needed before either of those! Below is our script and my current best-guest list for the things that need making:
As is standard practice, we'll be making all this stuff in pre-production (myself as a modeler, and Sonja as the audio wizard), before the full-on film-making gets underway. In a full studio environment, that would mean that we get to avoid the expensive animators and rendering folk until later. But since this is not a professional project, it just means that I'm avoiding bothering otherwise-expensive animators until I'm sure that they have all their tools ready to rock and roll.

Below is a diagram I have up on my wall. As we complete each major step, I'm ticking them off and recording info about each.

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