Monday, June 21, 2010

Modelling Commences!

Concept sketches and the storyboard will be posted soon, but in the meanwhile you might notice that the schdule mentions today is the start of prop modelling. Well, I'm sticking to this schedule as best I can, so today it starts! The first prop was mostly an exercise to make sure I could convert an object between Maya/MentalRay and Source. I've already gone through the process before, but today served as a refresher, since there was a couple steps I forgot to write down last time!

Anyway, after a few more educational moments, we have our first movie prop, a wooden spoon! It's got an attachment for the character to grab on to, levels of detail to save on rendering time when it's far away from the camera, a physics mesh for in-engine dynamics, and a shiny lacquer polish to keep all your meals freshly stirred and delicious.

It's being held by a character from one of Valve Software's Games for size reference

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  1. May I be the first to say...
    "My spoon is too big... my SPOON is TOO BIG!"