Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a novel conept

The storyboards just came in, and I think they're just awesome. Along with the script, the storyboard artist was given some light notes on shot preference and a few concept sketches of what the characters will look like. See those below! Tomorrow we will unveil the boards to the world (wide web) and the animatic will soon follow.

On another note, my schedule has each night this week budgeted for three props being modeled. I'm not quite sure which magical fairytale universe I picked that rate from, because at my best after working all day at my day job, I can do no more than two, usually one and a half. Here is a lesson learned: When working with new tech, do a few dry runs of each step before setting up a schedule.

But the good news is that the props are working, and are functional in both maya/mentalRay and source.

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