Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the capturing of audio Things

My view on George Lucas is mixed. On the one hand, his achievements as a writer and producer are.... slightly questionable. On the other hand, he is somewhat of a visionary and has done great things for the entertainment industry at large. One sticking point of his, and one that I agree with strongly, is that the importance of high quality audio was/is generally ignored in film making. I once watched an interview with him where he launched a mini tirade on the subject.

It's something that has stuck with me ever since, and the idea was reinforced during my three-year stint as a student employee of my university's recording studio. Time and time again, I saw low budget films where the audio was the first thing to go, though CG effects were still on at full force. Even now, if you take a look at this year's crop of student films, and you'll see what I mean. Some of the award nominees for NYC's local festivals sound like they were recorded on a walkie talkie.

This is a pitfall that I will avoid! The Robin Danger soundtrack will be crystal clear, colored with ambience appropriate to each shot, and will be completely non-distracting to the viewer. In fact, if we do our job right, nobody will ever even notice the audio. To that end, I have enlisted the help of the enchanting Miss Sonja, a woman of many talents whose linguistic background makes her an ideal choice to be my waveform wrangler. Also to that end, I have enlisted one of the rooms in my apartment to serve as a temporary recording booth. It doesn't seem to mind.

And now, to demonstrate how professional we are being, I present to you shots from our first recording session:

Do you see that? That's a Behringer B-1 Microphone taped to a pole. Nothin' but high class here, folks. Though seriously, it might not be the Neumann U-87, but this mic packs a pretty big punch for its price. And a bunch of mattresses and spare sheets make for an excellent soundbooth. I think our audio sounds pretty swank so far. You can be the judge when the animatic comes out!

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