Sunday, September 19, 2010

This chef did nothing to help me

This chef just stood by while a huge zombie tore up my kitchen and killed my film crew.What a terrible day that was.

...If I'm going to be making an animation in a game engine, I can't help but goof around a little every now and then, so while I'm testing out my two scenes for the short (the office and the kitchen) every now and then I fill them with zombies:

But silliness aside, I have successfully tested out a way to load up my characters into the engine, and display animation. That leaves one last hurdle: recording video from the engine. There are tutorials on this topic online, so that will hopefully be an easy test. Then it's onward to producing the actual animation for the short!

At this point, I am wrapping up the pre-production aspect of the project and beginning production in earnest. This puts me almost an entire semester ahead of the game, because my pre-production class just started this past week. As mentioned before, I started early because this is an ambitious project and I want to be absolutely sure to finish on time. Using and learning new tools makes any production a bit difficult, and subject to learning-curve delays. I'm happy to look back on the past several months and see that I was able to mostly stick to my schedule, and stick to my guns to get so much done.

I did hit one major snag this past week, but it was not a technical issue as much as it was a general thesis issue. So that deserves its own post, which will be next!


  1. The chef looks like he thinks if he stays veeery still, the zombie won't notice.

    Poor fool.

    Run AND Shoot!!