Saturday, September 25, 2010

WIP Thesis paper now available!

So I now have a draft version of the pre-production book, otherwise known as a thesis paper. You can find a link to that above, on this blog's header! (Also in the thesis documents link to the right)

As it turns out, I wont have to write as much of a paper as I thought. The program I'm in has rather strict definitions of what constitutes research and paper writing in general. While I will still have to abide by academic standards and MLA citation and all that, there will be less verbosity and more... well, visual stuff. The slightly rigid definitions of the paper also cover my general thesis statement as well. I was directed to create a two part statement that listed a) the creative aspect of my project and b) the technical aspect of it.

What I have now in the paper is what suits my advisers best. But the edited statement made in my last post is what I feel a more accurate description of where this all is going. So I sort of have two thesis statements now. Awesome. I will eventually convince my advisers to let me merge the two, but like all things at NYU, that will be a slow process.

In the meantime, look at the pretty flash version of the WIP paper! It's made using indesign, and the whole project will be entirely digital. (you're welcome, trees) It contains a the latest version of the storyboard, where I reordered a couple frames and trimmed a couple others for time considerations. At the end, it has a shot list, where I break down each of the shots of this project and what each will entail. As you can see, a chunk of the animator spaces are empty. As soon as I can figure out which of my generous animator friends can do which, that will be filled in. And then this party will really get started!

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