Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Animation test on the Thrall Character

Two posts in two days! This is madness.

I just finished compiling the office thrall character for the thesis project. He was the first asset I made for this project, and  like all first attempts he needed to be fixed up. I brought him into zbrush and re-sculpted his head to give it a little more volume, and what I think is a more appealing shape.

Also, when I first imported him, his face imploded. So that had to be fixed, too.

Then I re-rigged him (using the nifty script I showed earlier), and what you see above is me just mashing the different shapes together to see how they display in the game engine. And you can see, it worked! So now I can begin animating the scenes that I have set aside from myself, while the other current animator toils away on his part.

Many hands, light work, etc etc

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