Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interlude: more game-engine films!

Currently a lot of time is being spent animating, troubleshooting, and writing my research paper. Not much fun stuff to share with you guys. So here's a nice distraction! More films, made with a game engine, that have come out in the months since my project started.

Unless you have a lot of spare time, you don't need to watch the whole things. But I do encourage you to load them up and skip around, and take a look at the quality of each:

"The Mastermind" an episode series made using the GTA. Visually pretty, though I'm not a fan of the pacing:

"Red Dead Redemption" a half hour short film that used the Red Dead Redemption engine, aired on the FOX TV network and was directed by accomplished director John Hillcoat.

"the Jackknife chronicles" a source-engine made short, shot in the first person, and featuring some kind of revenge tale.

"No Russian" - A wartime machinima film. The camera work and framing on this is very well done, but it might be considered a little too violent for some. Especially as it includes a terrorist raid on an civilian airport. But watching it evokes some pretty strong emotions, which to me signals that it's an effectively made film.

"A too much spare time cartoon" This is mostly flash driven, but it uses game engine scenery and it's very silly, so I'm adding it here.

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