Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The first Panel Defense, and other short stories

A couple news announcements for the thesis project. There hasn't been many announcements here in the past couple weeks, because stuff is busy gettin done. But if you're curious on the status:

  • The first 40 seconds of foley work is complete. I'll probably replace one or two sounds by the end, but everything is properly mixed and the scenes have been re-timed to match.
  • One of the animators on my team has, in a beautiful twist of irony, accepted a job at one of the companies mentioned on this blog. It's wonderful news, but it will take that animator out of the project until life settles down enough to allow free time for it.
  • There was a trial run for the thesis defense panel this past monday, where I had to take what I had so far and pitch it to two instructors who were acting as a panel. I pitched the project, they asked questions, and at the end of the session I can safely say I knocked it out of the park. I stumbled over my words a little, so when it comes time for my final thesis panel, I will be sure to practice speaking about it, out loud, repeatedly.
  • The thrall character has been re-rigged to match all the improvements that were added to the chef. Just as before, without doing the face shapes it took about 45 minutes. Face shapes should be finished tonight
  • I have created a personal brand to stamp on all my works, and have used it to update my resume and website:
As it's going, I'm not going to hit my target deadline of Christmas. Too many things are holding up the animation portion of this project. But I am scrambling like mad to finish the modeling, texturing, lighting, and rigging portions of the project so that I can step in and fill some gaps.

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